January 29, 2009

TBS Needs A Cocktail....Ring!

After the sorrowful news about Domino magazine yesterday, I couldn't help but seek retail comfort. In the midst of doing some research about some new site goodies (which I'll be sharing soon and very soon), I came upon this ring at Vivre.

While at $150, it's approximately $130 beyond what I'd pay for a cocktail ring, can't a girl wish upon a fab bauble?! And with a name such as 'Ruby Red', how can I turn my back on it. Alas, the purchase of this ring at regular price is not in my cards (aren't you proud, Mr TBS?). *Le sigh*

Cocktail rings, if you didn't know, can be wonderful signature pieces to your portfolio of accessories. TBS is always on the prowl for fun, inexpensive ones!

Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! With TBS on the case, you can rest assured that either the patience of Job is invoked whilst awaiting the item's transition to sale OR a similar item is hunted for a lesser price. For a mere $40, you can enjoy a similar ring! Love it, don't you?
Do you ever flash fun cocktail rings?


  1. Ever since I fell in love with Nico from Lipstick Jungle (who flaunts them all the time), I have been searching for some fabulous cocktail rings but obviously don't want to spend a lot of money. I wish I could buy the one in the pic you posted! Swoon!

  2. wow i love the contrast in the colors!!!

  3. Tiffany In HoustonJanuary 29, 2009 at 3:12 PM

    I am emailing you the one I have on today. It is gaudy and gorgeous! I love it!!!

  4. I love cocktail rings.. love them!

    Colleen like Nico, I like Victory rings, well all of them actually. KJL, has become an addiction for me on ebay, I mainly stalk, not purchase.

  5. Yes! I love them! I love this one too!


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