January 29, 2009

Hi-Ya! I MIGHT Get A Dog This Weekend!

Good morning!

OK...I probably won't but when I saw this picture this morning, it automatically put me in a good mood.

Because it's so stylish and I strive to be ever-so the same, I must get a dog. I can't imagine my life without this adorable carrier.

What breed is the little black puppy anyway? I need to know STAT!

Isn't he or she adorable?!

Make today a great one! Hopefully, this made you smile, too! ;-)


  1. He looks the same breed of the dog that played in As Good As It Gets. The dog is adorable and the bag is fabulous.

  2. OMG, he is soooo cute! I told H that I wanted a cute little dog, and he proceded to send me a link for the iDog application to download "virtual dog" on my iPhone. *le sigh* I guess I will have to wait

  3. I think that dog is a Shih-Tzu. Just like my dog snowball :)

  4. Katie T,

    Mr. TBS sends Kudos to H for making a stand. I need lessons for my own household. Is H available for consulting?


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