January 11, 2009

A Few Things About The Broke Socialite!

I am 5'11" and have been the same height since I was 12...yep: AW-kward as a kid.
I have been married 8 years.
I am always on time. Always. Always.
I spend too much time on the internet; much to the detriment of my household chores.
I live in Atlanta but was raised in a lovely small town about 30 miles east of here.
I played basketball from 6th grade until college.
I hated playing basketball.
My favorite ice cream is butter pecan (or Old People's Ice Cream per Mr TBS).
I have a love/hate relationship with chocolate.
I love ethnic foods: Vietnamese, by far, is my favorite.
I can make a mean Shepherd's pie.

My fave book is Isaac Mizrahi's, How To Have Style.
I wear a size 11 shoe (aka Sasquatchean).
My mother-in-law is one of my best friends. Love her! She is crazy.
I am the daughter of a fabulous, beautiful breast cancer survior. Hi Mama!
I am a shop-a-holic. Hey, at least I know it!
I will never grow my hair long again.
I think I'm cute (tee hee hee! if I don't who will?).
I have lots of friends but tend to be a loner.
I have a girl crush on Beyonce.
I adore the Dixie Chicks.

I want a breast reduction...there. I said it. Or maybe I should just exercise.
I hate sweating.
I am a reality-show freak!
I work in a field which I wouldn't have imagined 10 years ago.
I'm sort of a nerd. OK...very much a nerd.
I am married to the greatest guy ever! (Who is a walking encyclopedia!)
I am a proud step-mom.
I can eat crabs with lightning speed. Ask Mr TBS.
I love a very cold beer.
I believe that I'm the only person who watches "Kath & Kim".
I need to write my Bucket List.
I am the oldest child.
My first job was as a cashier at a supermarket (and before scanners; I should have carpal tunnel).
I think "The Office" is hee.lar.i.ous.
I detest housework and need to hire a service but keep procrastinating about it.
I had imaginary friends as a child: Stoppa and Dyan Carrollson.
I sometimes wish that I were independently wealthy (who doesn't, huh?).
I should go to church more.
I miss my grandparents.
My favorite dessert is blackberry cobbler a la mode. Yummy.
I am a Daddy's girl.

I can be somewhat (or a lot) spoiled.
I absolutely, positively don't know what I'd do without this blog:-) The outlet has literally saved my life.


  1. Ha!

    I love Kath & Kim...the original. I haven't watched the American version. I'm convinced that it won't be as funny.

  2. Girl, you aren't the only one who watched "Kath & Kim" lol My mom and I crack up watching it together. That, and The Office, as well.

    Loving your blog!!

  3. LOVE "Kath and Kim", as well as "The Office." I enjoy your blog...keep writing!

  4. I love knowing about the FABULOUSNESS that is you! You rock chica! Me likey you!

  5. Tiffany In HoustonJanuary 12, 2009 at 2:38 PM

    You are a tall drink of water, chick!! Keep writing!!!!


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