January 11, 2009

All Mine For Less Than $150 (insert witchy poo laugh)!

Yesterday was a good shoe shopping day for me! Unfortunately, I can not reveal my source (but do know that no falling from the back of a truck was involved) but I was able to score some wonderful additions to my footwear wardrobe!Do you remember these? Originally $250, I pined and pined away for these when they appeared on J Crew's online catalog. They are now mine (bwahahahahahaha) for $48!

I've preached and preached the necessity of a fab driving moc. How adorable will these be with jeans, a collared white shirt and a cardigan? Originally $128, I only gave $24.

Katie T talked me into the boots above. I now have every configuration of boots that you could possibly imagne. These will be awesome with jeans and a cute sweater. Initially listed for $158, they came home with me for $36.

Any good buys for you this weekend?


  1. Not this tme but catch me in two weeks! CUTE shoes BTW! I have purged my closets and am trying to get my cute on for 2009. Thanks for helping me to achieve my fabulousness!

  2. I got new drapes...I mean pj's. LOL! I also bought a lot of fleece for a CRAZY discount! I'm all about the fleece in the winter! GO ME!

    Oh...and I bought the kid lots of lovely.

  3. i just blogged about those first shoes! im so jealous. if there's a similar place in NJ can u share???? LOL! PLEASE?


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