January 14, 2009

Savings at Whole Foods? Ah, Small Miracles!

It is a guilty pleasure and it usually costs an arm and a leg to even drag yourself out of the store. If you love Whole Foods but occasionally balk at their prices, pick up a copy of their newsletter, The Whole Deal at their stores. The newsletter features budget-friendly recipes, items under $3 and coupons.
The world is right again.
Do you shop at Whole Foods? Any bargain-centric tips? If you don't shop there, why not?
Image credit: Whole Foods


  1. I'm more of a "Trader Joe's" type of gal. Their prices fit my budget and their food is yummy.

    Whole Foods would be nice if I were a baller, but alas, I enter their store maybe once every 3 months, to buy food. My boyfriend loves their burritos lol

  2. Sadly, it's two blocks away from my office and I am trying to break away from the pattern of going to Whole Foods EVERY DAY...sometimes more than once a day. It's important (to me) to support local, organic, fair trade, and sustainable products, especially meat and dairy. Trader Joe's doesn't do it for me even though there's one on my street. Greenpeace recently ended their campaign against TD's total lack of sustainable seafood, but it brought attention to the fact that unlike WH, TD doesn't have core principles supporting sustainability and healthiness in general, so I don't trust them. When I have bought things from TD, they didn't taste right and seem to have artificial additives and preservatives (I'm very sensitive to that).

    That being said, WH customer service is great, meaning when they inconvenience you, you are likely to get a hookup. They have one-day deals that are usually around 50% of regular price, and since I go there everyday I catch most of them. Also, make sure you check out the sale circular at the customer service desk and/or entrance. Cases are always an extra 10% off, and with sale, case discount, and coupons together you can save some serious cash. If you aren't sure about a deal you're trying to work out, customer service is your friend...the worst they can say is no, and if you shop there all the time, they like to see you leave with a smile.
    Mine also has parties where they give out wine, beer, cake, food, live music or dj, etc. So whenever you come in the store and people are dancing, you might want to check out what is being served ;) They also give samples of thanksgiving meals that they cater...different types of turkey, all the fixings and desserts.


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