January 14, 2009

From Dear Reader, Adrienne: Post-Holiday Steals!

Dear TBS,

I couldn't WAIT to share my superb deals (PS:my 9 year old picked the colors for this year. She wanted blue, silver and a "splash" of hot pink)!
This is what I call FABULOUS!!!!
The 7.5ft tree was $175 and the 4.5ft tree was $40
3 candle holders $13 each
3 silver ornaments $5 each
2 blue ornaments $20 each
9 pink "things"(I honestly don't know what they are called so if anyone knows, please clue me in) $6 each
5 snowflakes $6 each ( I am OBSESSED with snowflakes so I HAD to have these...I got one to represent each person in my family)
GRAND TOTAL: If I had purchased it DURING the season.. $393.00 and that is NOT including TAX!!! I spent $30 and CHANGE!!!!!!!!

THAT my dear is a GOOD deal!

Take care and keep doing what you do,
TBS's Review:
Adrienne, you've done well; thanks for sharing. Over 90% in savings? Please don't dethrone me! We can't wait to see the tree in its full glory later this year. Y'all, please visit Adrienne at Real Life: Live & Unscripted. Please feel free to send your bargain finds to me at thebrokesocialite (at) yahoo.com!

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