January 9, 2009

Planning Any Weekend Getaways This Year? City Guides From Fine Living

Fine Living, one of TBS's fave networks and websites, has a wonderful City Guide which highlights where you should sleep, eat and play when visiting some of the most fab cities in the land such as San Francisco, Atlanta (add 'Call TBS' to your to-do list if you're ever here!) and Washington DC.

This is one that you should bookmark! Stat!

Is your fave US city on the list? If not, what is it and what do you LOVE about it?

Any budget-centric tips for your fave city?


  1. Yes. My budget friendly tip? Call CreoleInDC and stay at 13700. ROFL!

  2. My favorite cities are NYC and LA... it's hard to do either on a budget.

  3. Other than Atlanta and Orlando, I haven't been to any of the other cities. I'm such a sad little puppy!


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