January 9, 2009

Don't You...Step On My Kate Spade Shoes! (On Sale, Of Course!)

Kate Spade shoes can be a pretty penny unless you happen upon a killer sale. eBay is a remarkable source for the designer's shoes on a discount. I have a couple of pairs of Kate Spade's that are my "3 hour shoes". Oh, I'm sure you know them well...after 3 hours and 1 second, they begin to cripple me. I usually only wear them to church or if I'm going to be sitting for a longer period of time. Made in Italy, Kate's footwear is more narrow than I usually fancy. Who said fashion is ALWAYS comfortable?

These are some of my faves from Kate's Sale page. They are at least 50% off. They're not on my wish list these days but might be of interest to some other TBS's out there:-)

Have you any "1, 2, or 3 hour shoes"?

Photo credit: Kate Spade


  1. I LOVE the bottom pair! Her shoes are beautiful, but the only pair I ever bought was a 1 hour pair, & I gave up on getting any others. I have MANY 3 hour shoes, most of which I knew before purchase (as I was trying them on) that they would be 3 hour at most. Yet, I still bought them. The things we endure to look good! If only the men in our lives understood that!

  2. I have some Gucci 4 inch heels, which will go from the car to a restaurant table, very little walking in between.

  3. I sure do. They are FABULOUS and I've worn each pair exactly ONCE. LOL! They went with the outfit I was wearing and my feet remember they were NOT for dancing. LOL!


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