December 9, 2008

We HATE James but We LOVE James: A Coat Coup

First of all, I wish y'all could meet our dear James!

He is walking fabulosity. A true Broke Socialite (what is the male version of a Socialite? Gotta check on that...) at heart, he's always spilling his deals to me. aren't going to believe his latest purchase. This guy (who we HATE becasue he got such a good deal but love him so much that we can't really wish ill-will towards) was able to score a Benjamin Bixby (you guessed it! LOVE Andre 3000 AND Outkast, don't we?) "duffle coat" (doesn't "duffle coat" sound so swanky?). Benjamin Bixby is carried exclusively by Barney's for $1500. With a series of discounts and loyalty points, James scored the jacket for just under $600!

Isn't it cute?

Do you regularly use loyalty points from credit cards and such?

1 comment:

  1. James- I love the Bixby coat. As a fellow ATLien (haha) Benjamin "Andre 3000" has def showed his skills through his fashion line. What a Great Buy!


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