December 14, 2008

Southern Hospitality in The City

As most everyone knows, I have jaunted off to DC for the weekend.

CreoleInDC is the most fab hostess and I am enjoying spending time with her and her family (Robby, Prince Ziggy, Jaru and Lucy).

When I come down from my cloud, I intend to dedicate a post to the hostess that is CreoleInDC. Any host or hostess could take tips from her concierge-centric care...'tis amazing but most of it, I know, comes from home training. Got home training?

Last afternoon, another friend from the blogosphere, Sissy, was kind enough to pick us up from the airport. LOVE're sure to hear more about her soon.

Anywho...I just thought I'd check in before the fabulosity that is the holiday party gets underway today. I miss Mr TBS and Gareth but I couldn't be happier!

See you tomorrow!


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