December 24, 2008

The Modern "Mothers' Ring": Now A Necklace

The premise of the old-school mothers' ring has gotten an overhaul by Etsy artist, underhercharm. For just under $80, what a wonderful gift. Too late for the holidays, of course, but think about it for a birthday, Valentine's day or Mother's Day!
Do you wear a family ring or Mothers' Ring? Any other family jewelry?


  1. I've never even heard of a Mothers Ring. Learn something new every day. You are determined to make me civilized TBS!

  2. My grandmother had a Mother's Ring in white gold, with a birthstone of each child (my dad and uncle) and grandchild (me, my brother and my cousin)- but she got a Ruby for me too early...I was supposed to be born in July and didn't arrive til Aug! (I was meant to be a Leo,of course!). I always loved that ring and no one knows what happened to it, but I found one last year at my friend Victoria's store (that just closed), in silver, with semi-precious stones. It always makes me think of my sweet grandmother!

  3. I wear a ring that was my grandmothers.


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