December 24, 2008

Any Leftover Holiday Money? Holiday Sales After December 25

The responsible thing for TBS to do would be to tell you to save any leftover holiday cash but the euphoria of the potential post-holiday savings brings me is making me delirious! You've read the reports and seen the stories about how retailers are struggling but slashing costs left and right! If you can do so responsibly (no over-extending yourselves at my, no), watch how much more deeply prices are cut over the next week.

As not to become overwhelmed and end up with things you do not really need, I encourage you to:

*Establish your budget.

*Conduct a retail intelligence: study the sales papers and websites for the best deals.

*Make a list of the items that you'd like to purchase. Divide the list into two columns: "Need" and "Nice To Have".

*When making your list, consider any holiday decor for 2009 and formal wear such as cocktail dresses...prices will be rock-bottom on those.

*Do not veer from the list; be true to yourself and your budget. has compiled a list of retailers with some of the best post-holiday deals.

Will you shop after the holidays?


  1. Great post!!

    I always get my next years decorations after Christmas! Each year the color/theme changes and each child picks the new colors while we are putting up the current years next year it will be blue silver and splashes of hot pink (Kayla's request).

    We are also getting an artificial tree. I normally do a live tree every year but no more lol.

    I also pick up Christmas type crafts for the following year because they are DIRT CHEAP. Along with gift wrap and boxes and those tin cans. I bake a lot and those are perfect!

    Ok this has gotten LONG ENOUGH! LOL

    Merry CHristmas!

  2. I will be in the malls one week and one day EXACTLY after Christmas.

    There is a method to my madness. :)

  3. Most definitely! I have a new house that needs furniture.


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