November 26, 2008

Your Thanksgiving Dishes and Camera Phones - New Pics!

Happy Turkey Day Eve, y'all!

Is everyone up to their elbows in dicing celery and onions, rolling dough and marinating scrumptious meats? I certainly am! I've been my own personal sous chef this evening (as Gareth and Mr TBS have mysteriously disappered); but I should remind them of this: he who does not assist in preparation does not eat (insert the most gut wrenching witch's laugh that you can imagine here).

So I'm channel surfing in one room and jamming to some old school Motown in the kitchen. I must say that it's therapeutic. I am on holiday from the real job this week so I've been able to prep and cook at my own pace. The next dish that I'll make this evening will be a pumpkin cheesecake. I got the recipe from bon apetit and have modified some elements for my own signature twist.

I thought it might be fun if you took pictures of your favorite completed dishes and I would love to post them for all to see. I'll start it off with a pic of my fridge; most all of my menu is in one state of limbo or another so it'll be later tonight before I post.

Email them to thebrokesocialite {at} yahoo {dot} com! Tell me your name, the name of the dish and if you'd like to share how much it cost, that'd be great, too. Don't be surprised if some of us come a-knockin' for your famous recipes.

ladebelle's sweet potato pies (send us a piece...stat!):


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