November 26, 2008

I Remembered!

No...this is not a runaway shopping cart. It's the bounty from today's trip to My Dekalb Farmer's Market just outside the city of Atlanta. I spent my afternoon there jockeying for green beans, cheese, wine and lamb chops. It was sheer madness.

I am reveling in this snapshot because, for the first time since I got them, I remembered to bring my recycled shopping (aren't they cute? And only 99 cents each)in with me. As some of you know, I've been struggling to get the bags from trunk to grocery store. Today, I put them inside my purse and that worked for me.

I'd been looking for tips and one was recently offered up by my dear James:
"Keep them in the backseat of your car - that way you won't forget them in
the trunk- If you are in the store and forgot them - run out and get them.
Trust me, after doing that 4 or 5 times, you'll stop forgetting. It's
definitely a training thing - took me about 4 months to get it down."

Do you use recycled shopping bags? If so, how do you remember to bring them into the market?


  1. Those are ADORABLE!! Where did you get them? They would be great stocking stuffers for all the girls in my family.

  2. Very cute, where did you get them? I leave mine in the back seat of my car. Like your friend James said it takes training.

  3. @KatieT and Tara - I actually got these from HomeGoods...the unfortunate thing: they have the Home Goods logo on the front. What'd be fun though is stitching a solid piece of fabric with a monogram over the logo. It's not that big!

  4. I have trouble remembering to return them to the trunk so I keep them by the closet door. When I get my coat, I grab them and go.

  5. I so need to be all about the recycled shopping bags! They're so cheap. I need to get with the program!

  6. I am notorious for forgetting those bags, and I have quite a collection. I am going to start keeping them by my front door and also in my car.

  7. Yes I do. I have some that I brought back from Cannes that are just FABULOUS! You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM! I loved them soooooo much I bought some for all my girls too. I keep mine in my truck and I've been using recycled bags for so long now that it's habitual for me so, thank goodness, I never forget. For my birthday party this year I gifted party favor/thank you gifts of the Reisenthel mini maxi shopper to keep in their purses. It's FABULOUS and I hope they use them. They are very convenient to keep in your purse because they fold up neatly in their own case and they are MUY fashionable! In fact...I even rocked one to a red carpet event to carry my heels in! ROFL!

    I'm totally loving yours!

  8. Your bags are way cute! I do use recycled shopping bags. I keep them in the back of my truck. Not sure how I remember them (as I forget most things), but after I empty them I put them back in the car so they are always there. When I get to the market something about the parking lot prompts me to grab them.


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