November 23, 2008

Two New Fall Totes For Less Than $100!

While we (and by "we", I mean!) were working through the technical challenges associated with getting the new blog squared away last week, I was driven to shopping for my favorite: huge handbags (ha!).
I think you'll be proud of my bounty. More than that, I think you'll be astonished at the pricepoints. What I like about these bags is simple: they scream QUALITY (the orange one even has "feet").

Though I think they could easily pass for having made a dent in my purse of a few hundred dollars, I can proudly say that I spent less than $100 for both bags.

The orange duffle tote by Melie Bianco was $55 (more than 50% off) and the mustard Nicole Lee tote was $25 (approximately 70% off).

Oh, they made me feel better! No shopper's remorse here, either. Well, at least not yet.

Until next time,


  1. woah... that mustard was $25??!?!?!?

    i soooo wish you would have told me!!! that is such a great buy!!!

    ladebelle=super jealous

  2. I love that mustard one! That's hot!

  3. HotNESS! You know I love to rock a big bag!!!!! I'm like Texans with their hair...THE BIGGER THE BETTER!


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