November 4, 2008

Trust Me On This One...A Steal From Talbots Plus A Bonus Coupon Code

Before I became the (ahem!) sophisticated lady that I am, I found absolutely, positively no reason to go near a Talbots except to linger outside the door whilst my mother shopped. Thank goodness wisdom accompanies age because I've learned better. Talbots' tailoring and attention to detail has definitely changed my mind. Some of the foundational pieces in my wardrobe have come from here. What I've learned to do, though, is to wait for pieces to go on Sale or to The Outlet before making my move.

Since I'll be tailgaiting this weekend and have been encouraged to dress in layers, I thought that a light jacket would be in order; so I headed to the oh-so-trustworthy Talbots. I stumbled (I need to watch my balance these days, huh? Every time I turn around, I'm tripping over something! LOL!) upon the jacket below.

I can't say enough about how fab it is. Originally $98.00, it was marked down to $31.97 and I had a 20% off coupon code (it's EVERYSIZE and valid through 11/30). My total for the denim version was a whopping $26.00 plus $6 shipping! It will be less for Misses sizes (I, of course, shop in the Women's department). Trust me on this one. This will become a staple in your closet and you'll wear it for many years to come. What I most appreciate is how well-fitted it is at the offers a beautiful silhouette. There appear to be several sizes left in Misses, Women, Petite and Women's Petite.

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