November 9, 2008

A Tale of Two Chairs: A Home Office Update

After running my Saturday morning errands, I headed to a couple of my spots to look for my office chair. Since I had no luck last weekend and was basically overwhelmed by shopping for an entire room of furniture, I decided that the most important element of the looming office was the chair. And I didn't want any old chair, I wanted something with character that I could build around.

So I sashayed into the Ballard Back Room knowing she'd never disappoint me. And there she was...a tiger print Parsons chair ($89 minus 25% off =$67). Oh, it had soooo many possibilites. As I snuggled closer to it, I was cut off at the pass by a fab chica who told me that she'd just bought it and its twin sister. I damned her (to her face, of course) as she explained that she was using them as the end seating at her dining room table and was having 4 others covered in an orange-y red fabric. I was happy for her but felt sorry for myself...if only I hadn't stopped to look at jewelry at the Atlanta Contemporary Jewelry show...if I'd only been 15 minutes earlier!

As luck would have it, I did not have to sulk for long! I happened upon another Parsons chair with a Tiffany blue slip cover with a cool white border. I was afraid to look at the price but finally built up the nerve and, y'all, the chair was $19.99---no..there's no typo: nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents! I've never loved the number nine so much in my life! Before I got too excited, I asked one of the warehouse guys to verify the price (it was accurate) and asked if there were any defects (it had just been a sample in the Corporate office next door and they needed to move it; the slipcover needs to be tightened, though, and they offered to do so at no cost!). So $16 and some change later (yep, it was 25% off, too), I'd found my chair. Was it exactly what I was looking for? Hmmmm, probably not...Could I make it work? Definitely...I can infuse white, black, more tiffany blue and punchy orange and build a fab office.

I also got this cute shoo fly print for $30 that'll fit right in the new office.

So what do you all think?? Did I do OK? I left BBR having spent just over $40. That leaves me with $445 for a desk, corkboard, a bookcase, a file cabinet and accessories. I'll keep you updated.

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