October 26, 2008

An Overdue TBS Project: Home Office On A Shoestring Budget

I've quite a lot going on between my day job and building the TBS empire (tee hee hee...I can feel it in my bones, y'all). While we've a great deal of space in our home and have been here nearly 2 years, I've yet to take the time to carve myself a home office. I mostly spend my time working on the couch in the family room or in our casual dining space but think that I deserve a space that is, well, my own! The boys have "The Dungeon" which is nicely equipped with all sorts of man-stuff: a huge flat screen, a comfy sofa and PRIVACY. They've stopped a scintilla short of posting a sign that reads: "No Girls Allowed! Keep Out!"

It's now my turn. The room that I'll turn into my office is a spare bedroom and is currently sans furniture. It's doubled as my laundry den but this habit, I've found, is an excuse for me NOT to fold all laundry immediately. It's sooooo easy shove clothes baskets brimming with our wears in there and close the door...I've gotta stop that. I'd also like to add a nice, modern daybed to the equation. We don't have lots of visitors passing through but it's always nice to have the extra space when family or friends are here.

With Mr TBS on board, we've decided upon a $500 budget. It's up to me to buy a desk, chair and accoutrements and not go a dime over my allotment (the daybed will be a Phase 2 addition). This project is surely going to demand a bit of creativity but a challenge such as this is right up my alley.

During our travels today, I was ripping pages from magazines left and right. I didn't know exactly what I was looking for but I pretty much decided that I do not want an "executive" type office: I'm not a municipal judge and don't need the stuffiness. I'd like a sanctuary that's light, airy and modern. Just as I was giving up, I stumbled upon my inspiration room below.

I've set aside next Saturday to begin my actual shopping. I'll spend this week doing research and sourcing.

I can't wait to share the finished product with you! Do you have a home office? How'd you personalize your space? Was it easy?

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