September 30, 2008

For Your Repertoire: You’ll Thank Me Later

I promise you, you will. As we saunter into high entertaining/holiday season, consider these recipes gifted to us by Mark Bittman, The Minimalist, of The New York Times. What’s sweet is that each fancy finger food can be pulled together in 20 minutes or less. If you do not have a party on your social calendar, this is an excuse to pull your darling friends together for small bites and cocktails; you’ll be the epi-center of much chatter.
I’ve taken a stab at the following and they turned out great. WARNING!!! The following recipes may cause mouth-watering.
Tapenade: Combine about 1 pound pitted black olives in food processor with 1/4 cup drained capers, at least 5 anchovies, 2 garlic cloves, black pepper and olive oil as necessary to make a coarse paste. Can also be a dip. Use sparingly; it’s strong.
Portable Caprese: Skewer a small ball of mozzarella, a grape tomato and a bit of basil leaf. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and drizzle with oil.
Scallops: Cook real bay scallops in hot butter or oil for just a couple of minutes. Sprinkle with lemon juice and parsley and serve hot.
Chicken kebab, faux-tandoori style: Cut boneless, skinless chicken thighs into 1-inch chunks. Toss with yogurt, chopped onion, minced garlic, minced lime zest, ground cumin, coriander, paprika, cayenne and lime juice. Skewer and broil, turning occasionally, until nicely browned.
You can find the other 97 recipes listed here. Most of the ingredients are budget friendly and will satisfy vegans and carnivores alike. You should print the full list and put it in your recipe binder (you DO have one, right?). These recipes are certainly Broke Socialite staples.
Do you think you’ll try any of these? Do share pics with us.
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