October 25, 2010

Modern Manners Monday: What Would YOU Do?

Frankly, you do not really enjoy Halloween festivities.

In fact, this year you're bowing out out of even dealing with Trick-Or-Treaters; yet you will not be put out of your own home.  After all, you've a very important proposal at work on Monday morning and need to work from home the majority of the day on Sunday.

Your neighborhood is FULL of kids.

What would YOU do?

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  1. I would turn off the porch light and put a sign on the door stating that I'm NOT participating in Trick or Treating this year.

  2. Leave the house as dark as possible. Everyone understands, but it is sad for an excited little one to trek up to your door (especially if it is a long walk and a very little child) only to find no one answering.

    But honestly, it seems a little scrooge-y to me. Didn't you enjoy Halloween and trick-or-treating as a kid? It's payback time. Why not put a bowl of treats on the front porch with a sign that says "Please take just one. Happy Halloween!"

    When they're gone, they're gone. I've had to do that when my hubby was working late and I went out with my kids. At least you've made an effort, even if the first kid dumps the whole thing in his bag.

  3. I'd probably make the house as dark as possible at least for the first 2 hours after it's dark. Go work in an upstairs or back bedroom. Wish I lived close, I'd come over and hand out candy from your house. I love handing out candy. LOL

  4. Just turn off the outside lights. That's the official signal that there isn't any candy.

  5. I would definitely leave the porch light off and maybe leave the lights in the front part of the house off. Porch light on is generally how kids/parents know which houses are participating.

  6. Do anyone really need to know the answer to this, or just permission to be a scrooge?

    Leaving the porch light off is the universal signal for "I don't have any candy, kid."

  7. agreed. not a question that needs to be asked OR answered so close to santa's bad list season.

  8. I don't really like Halloween, I don't know why but I just don't. But I participate anyway. So I would just put a large bowl of candy on the front steps with a sign that says TAKE 1 PLEASE.

    I would not hide in the house.

  9. Turn the porch light off.

    I'd pass on the sign because 1) it'll be too dark to read on your porch, 2) it's a little preachy.

    You don't want kids thinking of you as the witch who doesn't like halloween.

    Most kids accompanied by parents won't even bother with you. I've done it myself because we have very few T&T in our area and I ended up munching down too many Twix bars afterwards.

  10. Anybody is allowed to opt out, but you could end up with your trees wrapped, a toilet on your lawn, and oreos stuck all over your car, so might as well turn on the porch light and throw some candy to the trick or treaters. I love seeing the little tots. Give them healthy treats.


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