September 20, 2010

Modern Manners Monday: What Would YOU Do?

You absolutely have no problem dining alone.

You even catch the occasional movie by yourself.

After all, what's wrong with a little solitude sometimes, right?

You're in a restaurant where you're enjoying a meal and absorbing the ambiance.

A group from a nearby table sends a representative over to invite you to join them for dinner.

You thank them but decline.

They insist. You politely decline once more.

Within earshot, someone (under their breath) at the table says "Let her continue to look pitiful.  She must be a dreadful loser and that's why she's alone."

What do YOU do?


  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I think I would give them the rundown of what my day to day is like and explain that unlike him/her I don't always have to be surrounded by people to show my worth and that not only do I enjoy having a minute or two to myself, but I'm confident and comfortable enough with myself to do so in public.

  2. I would probably laugh to myself and ignore them. I don't feel the need to explain, defend myself or argue with people I don't know. It would have been a waste of my precious alone time.

  3. Etiquette does not dictate that a person must respond to snide comments. Quite the opposite, actually, by ignoring the comment you will have "risen above" participating in the same kind of behavior. Ignore it and enjoy your meal in peace.

  4. Wow. That's kind of funny. As much as I'd want to go over and defend my honor, I would just sit there and smile (smirk). I'm not one for causing scenes in public and I know if I go over and say something snarky, it'll turn into a "thing". Some women feel as if they should travel in packs. Then there's the rest of us that enjoy solitude and our own company. That's not pitiful, that's called confident and secure.

  5. I would ignore them. Maybe they feel pitiful and like the loser and probably would never have the guts to eat alone.

  6. I truly believe that it is good to be alone and have time for soul to regroup. Sometime the peace is so refreshing.

    I would have said nothing after that...and just been as Erica said confident in my own choices!

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  7. Take a deep breath and just ignore that comment. Because I know it came from the least intelligent of that group. They may not all be that silly.

  8. I would just laugh at the obvious lack of sincerity in their invitation.


  9. Pay for their drinks and I am sooooooooo serious.

  10. I probably would have said OK when they asked twice. I so hate to offend:(.

  11. I love creoleinDC's comments. So right!

  12. I've never been asked to join a group while dining out alone. I just know that at this point in my life, I'm so comfortable with me, myself and I that I could careless what someone said. Especially if they don't even know me personally.

  13. Ugh, I wouldn't say anything. As someone else said, I certainly feel no need to defend my choices - and to some rude stranger, no less.

  14. I would look in the direction where the rude comment came from, nod my head once with a modest smile...then return to what I was doing! My confidence of being alone and not lonely will easily be read!


  15. I agree with the other ladies. I would ignore the comment. I love, love to go out with a group. I have friends and I love them dearly. There are sometimes I just really need some alone time. I seldom get alone time to reflect on the many things going on in our busy life. I doubt I would have heard the comment if I was in my "alone zone". I usually have my planner, a journal, and pen ready to plan or reflect if I'm at a resturant. Everything goes back in my bag when the meal arrives. I will be shameless about enjoying every bite of my meal without kids or conversation. Alone time is not pathetic! Maybe it's just the friends I choose, but I don't know any of my friends who wouldn't love a meal alone once in a while.What was it Ralphie said? "My mother had not eaten a hot meal in 15 years" I now know why that was funny!

  16. I agree with Creole in DC. Buy their drinks and smile. That is completely rude! How can they assume you were lonely? SmH. My grandmother always said, "When you AssUme, You make and ASS out of U not ME."
    I agree lol.

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