August 12, 2010

You Can't Beat A Burger!

It seems that burgers are all the rage right now.

Truth be told, they are surely one of my favorite meals.  Since I've become an old lady, I don't eat as many beef burgers're more likely to find me noshing on a turkey burger.  However, I always become overwhelmed by a sense of nostalgia when I think about burgers.  They remind me of Saturday afternoons at my Grandma Sarah's as a child.  She'd whip out her cast iron skillet, sautee onions and then fry up the ground beef patties that she'd got from Dosters, the local IGA.  Not much for buns, she'd serve them up between slices of "light" (a.k.a. white) bread with ketchup, mustard and a side of home fries or chips.  Goodness! My mouth is watering.

I really like to try different options and combinations with burgers.  Not too long ago, Mr TBS and I cheffed up this Mar-A-Lago turkey burger.  I agree with Oprah (as it was featured on an episode of her show): this is one of the best burgers ever!

I recently stumbled across a post from one of my favorite sites, Bon Appetit.  If you're adventurous and want to grind your own meat, this is a great step-by-step outline.

My favorite burger right now is a traditional turkey burger with blue cheese dressing and caramelized onion jam from Sensatiables.  It's heaven between bread.

What's your favorite burger and toppings?


  1. My hands-down favorite is my daddy's burger – grilled. He'll ask you how you want it, but you're getting it how he gives it to you: a little pink in the middle, with a thick slice of real cheddar, right off the block across the middle of it, on a bun that he's steamed in the colander on top of the stove. He seasons it with salt and pepper before he puts it on the grill and it's just the right diameter for the bun. I like mine with just ketchup and cheap yellow mustard.

    My second favorite hamburger is in a narrow little joint called Jack's, in my hometown (Dublin, GA). I don't know what they do to them, but they're little balls of beef, thrown in deep fat for about two seconds, and then put on tiny steamed buns. Mmmmmm. Haven't had one in years, and about once every four days or so I'm tempted to drive down there just to get a couple or twelve.

    My favorite local burgers are at Farm Burger - they're delicious and not too big and the atmosphere is right for your burger-eating needs. Plus they have JK Scrumpy's hard cider and good fries.

    Clearly I could go on and on about burgers.

  2. I, too, am all about the turkey burger. When I make them at home (it's rare that I make anything at home) I like to put jerk seasoning on them. It adds a little something! YUM!

    I keep wondering when the fast food burger joints are going to get on the turkey burger bandwagon. I can't believe none of them sell a turkey burger.

  3. You all are making me hungry. I like a burger (beef or turkey) hot off the grill medium well. I want ketchup, mustard, cheese, bacon, and pickles.

  4. I don't think I could ever grind my own meet but I do love a good burger! Love the turkey burger from FLIP! Have been wanting to try the Counter but haven't been yet...this post certainly makes me want to change that quick!

  5. Where is the Counter, Chrissi?

  6. @Susan....There is a Counter in Alpharetta, on Mansell Rd. VERY good burgers, choose your meat, bread and toppings. Many combinations to create.


  7. Not sure I have a fave burger...but in a hurry, I'd pick BK over Mickey D's!

    I hope you don't mind me sharing the burger/slider deal at Four Seasons Atlanta--$1 per slider and $5 per glass of red or white burgundy wine every day from 5-7 p.m.

  8. I don't do beef hamburgers anymore since it doesn't have the same taste it used to have since the 1980's (at least to me)! I prefer ground dark meat turkey when I do have a burger. I really do miss the taste of a good beef burger though...maybe I'll invest in grassfed because grain fed is yucky to me!

  9. I am from Dublin Ga also. Jacks Hamburgers are the best I have ever eaten hands down!I have yet to taste any hamburger that even comes close to the taste and I doubt I ever will. By the way,you can't eat just one!!


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