August 17, 2010

Won't These Be FABULOUS This Fall?

This tropic weather has me longing for autumn and fall fashion.

I came across these "necklaces" on Etsy last night.

They'd make a heather grey shift sing.


What's your favorite piece of clothing/ensemble to wear during the fall?

Photo credit: Nous Savons


  1. Boots! Hands down! Last year I got a nice pair of fringe thigh high boots. I *heart* them. This year I am looking for a pair of riding boots.

    Side note: I remember YEARS ago wanting thigh high boots but all the ones I found were geared toward women in the "adult industry." I'm so happy they are much more accessible!!!

  2. My favorite pieces (since I can't narrow it down) are boots and capes/wraps. A good boot and a good cape make a woman look like a million bucks!

  3. We love wearing lots of layered jewelry your Etsy find.

  4. Add a splash of red...and now we're talking!

  5. I just need a few more pearls on there and I am ready to go!


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