July 6, 2010

(Not) Enough of A Good Thing...

I truly hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Mine was remarkable. Lots of fun, family and wonderful food.

Speaking of great food, Mr TBS did a remarkable job on the grill this weekend.  He whipped out a couple of new dishes that even surprised me!  I typically plan micromanage  our menus but I've so much on my plate right now that I decided to let him have at it.  Though he indulged me with a couple of our traditional side dishes like potato salad and barbecued baked beans, a couple of his avant garde recipes certainly won me over.  Inspired by a similar one at FLIP Burger in Atlanta, he made angus burgers with blue cheese.  He topped those off with a dollop of sweet onion jam.  The flavors were explosive!  We're trying to do better with our fruit and vegetable consumption around here (barring the burgers, of course), he made a delightful spinach salad topped with grilled peaches, bacon crumbles and a light vinigrette dressing.  I didn't think I'd like the peaches but they were soooooo good. Here's the recipe for the salad!

The leftovers are long gone but I could surely go for another burger.  Thank goodness for self-restraint.

I'd also like to share another list from The Minimalist.  This installation of his 101 meal ideas is grill-centric.  You should definitely print it and add it to your recipe binder.

What was your favorite dish from the holiday weekend?


  1. Mmmmm that sounds sooo good! The food from my family cookout this weekend left something to be desired... but my Aunt Rutha fried some fish that she caught herself and it was SO GOOD I ate 3 pieces in one sitting! ;)

  2. Great ideas! I could even use a few of these on a George Foreman grill! I just convinced Chris to purchase a miniture grill for me. His monstrosity of a cooker intimidates me.

    Mr.TBS "blue burger" sounds sinfully delish!

  3. The answer to "Can Susan make tortas de aceites?" is a resounding YES! They were great with the homemade buttermilk ice cream.

    But I think the best dish was the zipper peas. With the local tomatoes.

  4. Turns out I can make Torta de Aceites at home! To go with buttermilk ice cream! I'd say that was a hit. But so were the zipper peas and local tomatoes. None of The World's Best Mac-n-Cheese was left, either. Everybody ate like pigs and we went to the fireworks fat and happy.

    It was a good day.

  5. Ohhhh, those burgers sound awesome! I made baked potato salad for our get together. Thank goodness I left the rest at our friends house. nom nom nom.

  6. 1 C. Polenta cooked in 3 C's chicken broth and 1 C. buttermilk and topped with crispy fried sage! Shiree'

    PS and homemade very-vanilla ice cream with root beer!

  7. I love to grill out and love Flip Burger. I did a post on my experience there a couple weeks ago and actually had the same burger you were describing-The Butchers Cut!


  8. homemade double dark chocolate brownies with Westside creamery's Salted Butter Carmel ice cream.

  9. Thank you for the recipes! Especially, the salad from my favorite cooking duo, the Neelys'!Such good, tasty ideas...making my mouth water even now!

    My favorite dish from the holiday was a 7-layer salad...cool, delicious and refreshing. -pearls


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