July 21, 2010

It's Too Hot....Ode To The Summer of Cheffing Up Salads

I don't know where you are but if it's anything like Georgia, the heat is ridiculous!

Such the nearly triple-digit temperatures (and humidity to boot) cause me to want to do very little in the kitchen.  With the exception of this past Sunday when I slaved over the stove (by choice...Mr TBS wanted turnip greens, speckled butter beans, macaroni and cheese, cornbread and lemonade for supper), I have been in absolutely no mood to cook.  It's almost to hot to eat!

Since I don't want to waste away into thin air (yeah, right...that'll never happen), I have been doing a lot more salads these days.  The constant theme has been a bed of field greens and I've just switched up on the toppings: fruit, nuts, berries, various meat such as fish and chicken.  But I've gotta be honest: sometimes salads can be boooorrrrriiinnnngggg. I, therefore, am always looking to freshen things up with different combinations.

Yesterday, for example, I tried this crab and shrimp salad with avocado that my dear friend, Blissful Glutton, featured on her blog. She is simply amazing. I can't keep up with her culinary prowess. I always imagine myself sitting in her kitchen while she cooks with chin in hand.

Next I think I'll try the recipe for the photo above.  Spicy quinoa, cucumber and tomato salad sounds so lovely!

This, my friends, is the summer of the salad. What's your favorite one?

Image credit: New York Times


  1. This quinoa salad over at the Single Gal's Guide is my fave: http://thesinglegalsguide.blogspot.com/2010/05/da-bomb.html

    She has some other great ideas here: http://thesinglegalsguide.blogspot.com/2010/06/how-to-summer-salads.html

    Can't wait to try your quinoa!

  2. My favorite salad of the summer has to has grilled vegetables - preferably corn and onions - with fresh tomatoes, maybe a diced apple, and some balsamic reduction. LOVE me some summer salads!!


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