July 15, 2010

Gone Fishin': For Ice Cream, That Is

Happy Thursday!

Just wanted to stop by to let you all know that I'm away for a few days.

I'm actually in Le Mars, Iowa: The Ice Cream Capital of The World (who knew there was one, right?).

The great folks at Blue Bunny Ice Cream invited me out for a few days to spend a few days at their production facilities. It has been so remarkable thus far. I can't share a full review but what I can say is that I'll get to create my OWN ice cream flavor. I'm so overwhelmed by the excitement.  I have no idea to begin.

See y'all on Monday! (but I'll be checking comments for the question below...)

Which flavors should I use to makeThe Broke Socialite Ice Cream? Helllllllp!


  1. OOOH! Sounds like a treat! You should include caramel :)

  2. Dreaming I was there with a large scoop in hand!

  3. Yum...I think you should glob on all the chunky flavors you can with textures galore and pile on lots of chocolate. I'm headed to Le Mars now and looking forward to chatting :)

  4. Oooh, I second caramel. And add in some cheesecake. And pecans.

  5. Something Bubbly Fluffy & Pink! A Broke Socialite must still have her bubbly some way!

  6. I think it should be something similar to the cocktail that was made at your Soiree..lavender and then something risky like Brownie Chunks (the fat girl in me is so excited about this lol) Have FuN!!

  7. Have fun!! What a fun thing to do.

  8. You realize you're living a pretty FAB life, right?!?!?!?!? What flavors did you choose? I'd go with bourbon and ginger myself. Have fun, can't wait to hear all about it!

  9. Ooooh that sound like a great trip!
    Lots of history and great samples.
    I hope you take time and enjoy the ice cream for all of us who arre not there.


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