July 9, 2010

Empire Building 101: The Remix

I hope that it's clear.

I'm having a blast as a blogger, social media enthusiast, brand builder, Chief Lifestyle Office and Empire Builder.  I can not imagine being happier.  Each morning, I rise to the day's possibilities and get to create things: concepts, ideas, events...I'm giddy just thinking about it.

So often I'm asked about my experience as a blogger and brand builder. It's been nearly four and a half years of working a full-time job and burning the midnight oil as I would come home from work each evening and work on The Broke Socialite interests for hours on end.  My friends would ask (and still do): When do you sleep? Well...I don't but that's another matter! Ha!

One of the critical elements of building my empire has been monetizing my brand.  While most will tip toe around the need to profit from passion, I am not ashamed to say that I've been able to do it and want to help other folks do it to.  I have been able to find my voice in the social media realm and if I can do it, so can you.

A couple of weeks ago, I conducted the first in a series of empire building webinars.  It was an absolute smash! Having been in corporate educator in my prior life, it was like "home".  Here are a couple of quotes from Empire Building 101 students:

"The class was excellent! If you want to learn from the best, take this course! " - Tamara via Twitter

If you're interested in monetizing your passion and need a little nudge, won't you join me? Don't know where you should go with your blog, empire or online business? My tips and tricks are applicable to most all lifestyle brands. Invest in yourself; you'll be glad you did.  The link to registration is here.

For TBS readers, use the discount code TBS for a $20 savings through July 13.

Hope to see you there!


  1. Thanks for being such a great example of the possibilities for those who want to create their own path!

  2. I am seriously considering it.

  3. Empire Building 101 was so full Ms. TBS's personal knowledge of what works! It was more than I could have expected. She shared what has made her able to walk away from corporate America to build her own EMPRIRE! I have incorporated many of her tips and have seen results already. If you are on the fence, I promise that you will get more than you expect. Anyone who needs to Build their Brand (& don't we all) must attend EMPIRE Building 101

  4. I'm looking forward to the next webinar! *excited*

  5. Sounds like it will be very informative. I look forward to it!


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