March 23, 2010

I Tried A New Recipe: Spiced Pork Chops With Spinach Sautee


I've missed y'all tremendously. After being stricken with the double-whammies that were strep throat and a sinus infection, I am FINALLY on the mend. Mr TBS and Gareth took great care of me.  In a couple of posts I'm going to have to dish on some of the home remedies that contributed to my feeling better.

On Sunday night, I did feel like eating something that didn't come out of a can (I blew through my inventory of homemade soup within the first few days of being puny last week) but since I was still building my strength, I didn't feel like slaving over the stove.

I reached for the March issue of Real Simple and came across the recipe for Paprika Spiced Pork Chops and Spinach Sautee. Six servings cost me $10 and the entire meal took no more than 25 minutes to prepare.  Gareth ate more than his share (per usual) and the reviews were stellar.

Stumbling across the recipe reminded me that it's come high time that I purge my magazine stash; thus tearing out recipes and filing them in a binder with protective sheets for future reference. Gosh...a Broke Socialite's projects are never done, right?

Are you a magazine maven? What do you do with your back issues?

Photo credit:Quentin Bacon/Real Simple


  1. Shameeka - that's *exactly* what I do with all my cooking magazines! I have an agreement with my husband so the magazines don't just disappear on recycling day: the September issues stay intact but the others I read and tear out my favorite articles to be filed by category, or if they're online, I just bookmark them on Stumbleupon or delicious. Of course, the Budget Livings, Organic Styles, Shop Etc. and Blueprints all remain untouched on my bookcase. ;) Glad to hear you're feeling better! (By the way, those pork chops look AMAZING. Mmm...)

  2. That sounds so good, yum!! I have been keeping a folder of recipes for years now. The only problem with doing that is remembering to go back and actually try them! :P

  3. Yum......those pork chops sure do sound good. I'll have to try the recipe.....thanks for sharing. We don't venture out to eat at restaurants as much as we used to. So I am always looking for easy recipes to try. As far as magazines, I tear out my favorite recipes and they end up in the recycle bin after a few months. I'm defintely a Magazine Maven too!

  4. Spinach sauté - soooo good! I love this dish. I do hoard magazines, and I shelve them in monochromatic rows, organized by season, not year (so much easier to find something inspiring for your mood that way!).

  5. It was delicious! I changed it up for the ingredients I had on hand. (Diced onions instead of scallions) and I used a splash of white wine to deglaze the pan. Thanks for the heads up. I was wondering what to make for dinner!

  6. I'm reminded of an episode of Run's House when Run cleaned out the pool house by throwing ALL of Justine's O magazines away! Pure blasphemy!

    I used to be a magazine whore until a few years ago when I had more maazines than I could handle. Sadly, I had to throw them away. But not before I said a personal goodbye to each and every one of them.

  7. This looks delicious! If I ate pork it would be on the menu for tonight! Glad you are feeling better!

  8. Dangit! I made pork chops last night!

    Will be bookmarking..

  9. i have a huge binder where i keep all of my magazine recipes. between that and, those are my go-to spots when i'm in a jam.

    glad you're feeling better!

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  11. Thanks for keeping our dinner table warm and exciting and filled with food


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