December 9, 2009

Non-Traditional Holiday Decor On A Budget

I saw this wonderful picture story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about holiday decor.  The designers challenged readers to decorate areas of the home that aren't traditionally explored. I also love how the dress form has been brought into the holiday decor.

Have you decorated your home?

Any money saving tips to share?

Photo credit: The Atlanta-Journal Constitution


  1. A few of my favorite frugal Xmas decorating ides:
    A bowl of pine cones with vintage gold or silver glass balls.
    Fresh boughs for the mantle with beeswax candles and yes, they must be bees wax, for health and scent they are unbeatable!
    A large clear vessel or vase with cranberries in the water and twigs at different angles and arches curving out and up.
    Love your blog BTW!

  2. That is too cute! I decorated my house for xmas on Black Friday. I went into nesting mode for one weekend and now I'm back to being lazy.

  3. @hostess of the humble bungalow: I thank you and love your ideas! Please come back.

    @joanofalltrades: Ummm...I think you have an excuse to be lazy.

  4. I agree the dress form is a darling idea, and I'm sure you can find one at a flea market or thrift store for a song.

  5. ooohhh... this is from the Atlanta holiday house in the laundry room! I loved it so much when I saw it! So glad u used it.

  6. I've started. Hopefully I will finish by early next week.

    My tip? Buy glitter and don't be afraid to use it!

  7. I used the free tree trimmings from Home Depot to create a simple mantle piece (along with pinecones from the backyard & ornaments I had) and to create small table toppers around the house. I love it, and best of all it was free!


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