December 21, 2009

Modern Manners Monday: What Would YOU Do?

A group of friends (some close, some not) has gotten together for a holiday White Elephant gift exchange.

You LOVE these types of gatherings and have spent a great deal of time selecting your gift that falls within the realm of the pre-set $25 budget.

After libations and bites have been served, everyone gathers for the game.

As it turns out, the hostess did not think through the rules of the exchange and chaos has set in.

Rules are being made up as the festivities go on. It's all getting out of hand and your nerves are becoming tattered.

What do YOU do?


  1. It's not a festivity until people start making rules up. No, not everything you plan will go as planned so there's no point in getting high blood pressure over it. It's a party, it's happened to me before. I just did what I could to corrall everyone in and we managed to have fun anyway. No biggie.

  2. Embrace the chaos and enjoy the fun!
    We need to lighten up sometimes and just go with the flow. It could be that this is far more entertaining than if the rules had been firmly established ahead of time!

  3. Uhm, what is a white elephant exchange and why does it have rules?

  4. Find a glass a wine:) And watch the craziness!!!

    Ms. Wanda

  5. It's not my party and it's not at my house, so I'll have another drink and go with the flow.

  6. Breathe deeply, think of England, have alcohol, take notes for future regaling of other people.

  7. Shake off my annoyance and laugh my head off. It's Christmas! LOL!

  8. I like the way Ms Wanda thinks. It's a party for goodness sake, and will be over before you know it. Be gracious for the gift you get, and polite and cheerful should you lose it as the result of a rule-change. The hostess should have explained the rules in advance, but hey, at least the hostess was generous enough to host! I have been to parties like this and find it hilarious, unless children are involved and feelings get hurt.



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