December 17, 2009

He's Baaaaaccckkk: Eddie Ross Is Coming To Atlanta!

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It happens almost as frequently as Haley's Comet (or at least it certainly feels that way) but my dear, dear Eddie Ross is blowing back through Atlanta in a few weeks.

Though he's family at The Broke Socialite, let me introduce him to you again. Eddie and his partner, Jaithan, are my BFFs ( least in my head) and just as delightful as they come. I first became a fan of Eddie when he was a contestant on BravoTV's "Top Design", further positioning himself as a lifestyle expert whose diverse background (including a stint at Martha Stewart Living. Yes, that Martha.) includes interior styles, catering, floral arts and most everything in between.

Most of you have seen Eddie's blog and enjoy his posts regularly but I'd like to talk about the real Eddie.Our first encounter was a big hug; that says a lot. He's so brilliant and his eye is impeccable.  Though he's recognized throughout the world, he's just a regular guy. Really. That's what I love most. He and Jaithan are hard workers and so very down to earth. I can't say enough good things about them.

What I think I love about Eddie's projects are that most are very budget friendly. This, by far, is my favorite. Whenever I'm telling someone about him, I ALWAYS reference it. The concept (and amount of money NOT spent still blow my mind.)

If you're in Atlanta or remotely nearby, you MUST see them while they are in the city. There are a couple of opportunities to benefit from Eddie's expertise and choosing between the two is like picking a favorite child; so you MUST do both. I've said it; that settles it. Ha!

From Eddie:
"If you live in Atlanta or are planning to visit in January, I'd love to see you! On Saturday the 9th, we're doing the Tea at Two framing workshop, sponsored by Larson-Juhl. Then on Sunday the 10th, I'm leading a flea market shopping trip to Scott's starting at 11:00 am. Admission is $10 for the workshop, but free for bloggers(!); $50 for the flea market. For reservations, email Jaithan( Hurry, though, space is limited! See you in Atlanta, everyone!"
The details for the Atlanta visit are here. I took the tour of Scott's back in June and, I promise you, it's priceless. Another thing I can guarantee is that it WILL sell out.  Eddie and Jaithan work hard to ensure that the experience is intimate.

I'm also pleased to share that Eddie will join me on January 4, 2010 as my first guest of the New Year on my BlogTalk Radio show, Gasp.Swoon.Faint.: Incessant Chatter About Delightful People, Places and Things. Join the Facebook page for updates. I can't wait to dish with Eddie about the things that are taking his breath away.

Please join us for these exciting events in January! It's going to be a good time.

Do you read Eddie's blog? What's YOUR favorite Eddie Ross project?

Photo credit: Eddie Ross


  1. I loved that show and fell in love with Big Daddy. Had the pleasure of riding back from Los Angeles with him from the Bravo A list awards, kewl dude.I did love Eddi'es designs too.

  2. Is Scott's really worth $50? I love Eddie and would follow him to the moon, I suppose - but $50? Tell me more.

  3. @TFH: It's totally worth it! Eddie points out great finds and ideas on how to transform pieces and make them your own. He also gives background on antique pieces. Maybe he can pop on and tell us more himself!

  4. I SO HAVE TO DO THIS! I've been begging them to come to ATL!!! I need to start saving my pennies!!

  5. Are you kidding me! so excited! Just emailed to make a reservation. S W E E T!

  6. Can't wait for this event! I did the June visit also (has it already been that long?) and am coming back for more.
    It's funny - when you mentioned the best Eddie project ever I IMMEDIATELY thought: that bathroom sink skirt! And that was your link. Just gorgeous. I'll never underestimate the dollar store again...

  7. I am so excited for their visit. It is my New Year's gift to myself! My favorite Eddie post so far is the table dressing for Christmas. I have gathered up all my milk glass and am ready to go!

  8. You are so sweet! We didn't have enough time last June, so we can't wait to see you again soon, darling! Looking forward to meeting more new friends too! Happy Holidays!!!!

    Eddie + Jaithan


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