November 23, 2009

Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust. = A Powerful Cocktail

I didn't leak it until the last minute but, as most of you have figured, I spent a few days aboard the Disney Wonder -  one of Disney Cruise Line's finests - last weekend.

Joined by two other Disney Cruise Line Divas, Classy Mommy and The Divine Miss Mommy, I headed down to Cape Canaveral on Thursday afternoon.  From there, we set sail to Nassau, Bahamas and Castaway Cay (Disney's private island).

One of my goals was to enjoy the trip from an adult traveler's perspective.  Normally when you think of Walt Disney World, don't kids come to mind? Of course they do.  But I think you'd be surprised to know that there is a full portfolio of offerings for adults to enjoy whether or not children are in their parties.  As we embarked the cruise liner, I was amazed to see girlfriend groups, honeymooners, retirees...with no little ones.

As we prepare Gareth to transition on to college, Mr TBS and I will have a little more time on our hands and we've decided to travel a bit.  If you'll remember, we'll be headed to Paris on a budget next year to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. But I've digressed...

Truth be told, I'm still a bit too overwhelmed to truly do this post any justice (I just returned on Sunday afternoon).  My senses are still overwhelmed: the service, the accomodations, the victuals, the entertainment...the experience.

So this will be the first in a series of posts. I'll review each element of experience (and even include a few pictures) over the course of the next week but what I can say is that I was remarkably moved by a couple of the performances in the Walt Disney Theater during the cruise.

I can not get "faith, trust and pixie dust"...Peter Pan's formula for pursuing dreams...out of my head to save my life.

I promise. I'll talk state rooms and price points in the next installation. Pinkie swear.

Photo credit: Walt Disney Company


  1. Sounds like you ladies had a wonderful experience. I'm looking forward to reading your post about the trip. I really want to see what it would be like to be on a "Disney Cruise" as an adult with no children.

  2. I knew you would have a blast. Looking forward to reading the rest.

  3. I interned at Walt Disney World in college as part their College Program the summer their cruise line took their maiden voyage (summer 1998).

    I can't wait to follow your experience...sounds amazing and we don't even have pictures yet!

  4. Just wanted to let your followers know I am hosting a Christmas Tree Giveaway this week on this is valued up to $100. Traditions Trees has several participating locations. Happy Turkey Day! Hope you had a great trip.

  5. Looking forward to it. I always thought the Disney Cruises were for I will be interested to see your thoughts.

  6. Isn't Disney magic just wonderful?! Can't wait to read and see more ...

    Winks & Smiles,


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