November 6, 2009

10 Things About The Broke Socialite

The dear Erika (LOVE her!) over at BluLabel Bungalow has challenged me to tell 10 truths about myself; so I thought it'd be cool to indulge.

So here goes (and with my own twist)!
  1. I am a type-A, over-achieving nerd. Geek, even.
  2. I am not the best listener.
  3. should not surprise you that I have been blessed with the gift of gab. I LOVE to talk.
  4. I once babysat Beyonce. She was, like, 10. Long story.
  5. I am a shoe whore.
  6. I detest numbers. Exception: lots of money is involved and it's in my bank account.
  7. I am the older of two; I've one sister.
  8. Some folks watch the markets; I watch my Tweetdeck.
  9. I am obsessed with words and grammar.
  10. I make a mean Texas margarita.
There.  It wasn't so bad!

It's Friday. Let's keep it light. What are THREE truths about you?


  1. 1. I am also a total geek-nerd over-achiever. I like to refer to myself as a "geek liaison" since I speak the language but can also appear normal.

    2. I have a serious love of designer labels and have been known to buy things on ebay just because they said "cavalli" even if I had to buy lots of other things just to fit them into my wardrobe.

    3. I do vocal warmups before doing karaoke because of my above mentioned over-achieving...

  2. How cool, Christina! You are surely a girl after my own heart.

  3. 1. I love Beyonce
    2. I drive a Rav4.
    3. I am done over-achieving, I hope. It's been a LOT of decades:).

  4. Love your post! We have to get together and have one of those Texas Margaritas (with salt please!)

  5. #1. I definitely the Type-A personality!
    #2. Prince IS my baby daddy! LOL
    #3. I love New Orleans and everything about the city.

  6. Light Side

    1. I LOVE wine (in a bottle not a box).
    2. I will spend the entire weekend watching Snapped marathons (I don't take notes).
    3. I am also obsessed with words and grammar. I critique every Linked in or social networking profile pretending to perfect the content.

    Dark side

    1. I have recently dissolved multiple stagnant relationships. It is difficult when you have to leave a few behind who don't support your upward climb.
    2. I don't take compliments regarding my appearance very well. It is a mixed compliment when someone focuses on my appearance instead of focusing on my internal attributes. Often I feel that this minimizes my contribution to the business environment. Hearing "You are beautiful AND you are intelligent. I never expected both" is not a compliment. It is rather an insensitive remark that I internalize as an insult. Being noticed for my gifts, qualities and business tenacity is a greater compliment.
    3. I am more productive outside the restrictions of my office. My best ideas are developed when I am enjoying life. With my iPhone, pen and paper I have a mini office on the go!

    Thanks for letting me vent and share!

  7. Ooooh, how cool...about me
    1) I'm an avid reader, LOVE books, have to own them, can't borrow one, have to have my own Black scholars
    2) I LOVE music, all kinds; reggae, rap, blues, rock, classical..all of it...although not a big fan of the R&B stuff
    3) I love change. I think change is a gift from the creator. It's so awesome to know that whether my situation is good or bad, it will change!
    4) I LOVE learning and growing which is why I love change so much. This is how we expand our horizons and realize potential
    5) I am the common sense, rational and logical thinking, down to earth, communicating queen..loves to talk about life

  8. Thanks for sharing. I can't believe you babysat Beyonce. You will have to indulge me in that story some day. Okay 3 truths:
    1. I got married twice in the same year.
    2. Public speaking frightens me to the point of hyperventilation.
    3. I am terrified of childbirth!

  9. Oh, the reasons I adore you, TBS, just keep adding up!!! Here goes:
    1. I write outstanding thank-you notes.
    2. My favorite starting point for an outfit is jeans and high heels - everything else stems from there.
    3. I have absolutely never met a stranger.

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking

    I have stage fright something serious

    I can be mean!

  11. Wow really: "I am obsessed with words and grammar".
    You would hate my blog then lol.

  12. 1. I've been pretending to be a housewife for the past couple months. (My husband does more housework than me and he has a full time job)
    2. I want to have twins.
    3. I'm obsessed with breakfast sandwiches, especially sausage, cheese and egg. Yummy!

  13. 1. I LOVE Prince...*le sigh*
    2. I Love 80's sitcoms
    3. and I wear gloves to pump my gas :)

  14. 1. I believe that folks who don't like to listen but love to talk display a distinct lack of empathy, and are a dime a dozen, besides.

    2. Lack of empathy is the binding characteristic of psychopaths, people who don't like gays, and generally *boring* folks.

    3. I love Coke in a bottle.

  15. 1. I do what I want.
    2. I'm much softer than people think I am and would help out anyone who needs it.
    3. I love Martha Stewart. I mean like I really, REALLY love her. LIKE...LOVE.HER.GIRL!

  16. Okay, I'll say it then. You're going to have to write a post about this "once babysat Beyonce" comment 'cause I KNOW I'm not the only one who wants to know


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