October 13, 2009

TBS Cooks Prep School 101's Banana Bread

One of my most recent obsessions is this delightfully fresh blog, Prep School 101. Penned by Jennifer, an arbiter of all things preppy with her own twist, I've had so much fun peeling back the layers.  One of her posts from the weekend struck a chord from me.  She talked about her Sunday rituals and how she's evolved over the past few years.  One of the things she likes to do with her daughter on Sundays is make banana bread. Oh! My mouth began to water.

I decided I'd give her recipe a try! It is sooooooo good.  I very rarely bake from scratch but this was simple and didn't take much time...even on a weeknight.  Next time, I think I'll throw in some walnuts for a bit more texture. 

My banana bread (it MAY look a little meatloaf-ish but it's divine!)

Since I'm participating in the Eat on $30 For A Week Challenge (more details about that tomorrow), this fit right into my budget.

You can find Jennifer's recipe here. Enjoy!

When was the last time you made a dessert from scratch?


  1. Thanks, I gonna give it a try I enjoy banana break very much. $30 For A Week Challenge, a sistah seriously can get wit that ministry!


  2. came over from Prepschool 101... love your blog!!

  3. ooh that looks delicious!

    found you via MBC..

  4. That banana bread looks divine! I will have to try my hand (er, prob after our week is over!!). xxoo

  5. That banana bread looks fa-bu-lous! We're not big on desserts but for holidays I go all out!


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