October 1, 2009

TBS Cooks: Jerked Shrimp Rasta Pasta

I have no idea why I'm on such the foodie kick this week. Perhaps the cooler weather is causing me to crave comfort food.

A couple of weeks ago I read a post written by natural beauty blogger, Afrobella, which centered on a recipe for Jerked Shrimp Rasta Pasta...my mouth watered. Before long, I was cheffing up my own version. It was absolutely scrumpdillyicios and tres, tres budget friendly. Enjoy!


1 lb shrimp (I used 2 lbs)
1 of each bell pepper: red, yellow, green
1 cup baby portabellos
1/4 tbsp olive oil
Dry jerk seasoning
1 pkg Knorr's Parma Rosa Sauce plus 1/2 cup fresh, shaved mozarella (but I supposed shredded from store will do)
Box of dry pasta of your choice (I used bow tie)

This is the easiest dish ever. The key is not to cook the bell peppers to death. You'll want a crunch.

1. Marinate the shrimp per the directions (or your liking) for a few hours in the jerk seasoning
2. Julienne each of the peppers.
3. Prepare pasta per instructions.
4. Sautee seasoned shrimp over medium heat until cooked through.
5. Add peppers and mushrooms and cook for approx 10 minutes and turn heat on low.
6. Prepare Knorr's Parma Rosa Sauce per instructions and add the mozarella when it's done. Allow sauce to thicken.
7. When sauce has thickened, pour it over the shrimp mixture and allow to simmer for 5 minutes. Then turn off.

Ta daaaaaaaaaa!!! That's it. Plate sauce over pasta, add freshly grated parm and freshly ground pepper. Serve.

I recommend a dry white wine, like a Chardonnay.


  1. Sweet! Thanks for the great recipe.


  2. Love this! My cousin used to work w/ a Rasta chef and she put us on to Rasta Pasta. Ever since then, it's been on an poppin'! LOL! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Thanks for the yummy inspiration! Seems that in addition to cold weather comfort food you're into FISH these days, too! Maybe that's a sign...Georgia Aquarium swim with the Whale Sharks, perhaps? Recipe sounds great! Could make a vegetarian version, simply leave out shrimp..would bring cost down, too. I'm into whole grains these days, so I'd use whole grain pasta to add even more nutritional punch. Keep these comin!

  4. That looks wonderful! I think I'm gonna have to try that! Thanks!


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