September 14, 2009

Modern Manners Monday: What Would YOU Do?

Happy Monday! Here goes...

You and your significant other have not been out in a while so you decide to pry yourselves from the couch, throw on garb other than sweats and head out for a dinner date. When you come down the stairs, he is waiting. Proudly. Having dressed himself without your assistance this time. Wearing his shirt partially unbuttoned. Partially showing his chest. In 2009. As not to hurt his feelings, WHAT DO YOU DO?


  1. I would do exactly what my husband would do to me. "Um honey, what year did you get your outfit from? Let's work on that bit?" Hubby and I tell each other all the time whether or not we look good or bad.

  2. I would give him a hug then slowly bring my arms down and begin buttoning up his shirt, and say in a flirty way, "Babe, now you know I don't want you showing alllll of you sexiness to the world."

  3. Along with many other Bright House rules, The Hubs knows all too well that a nice crisp undershirt is a must. Under all shirts. In all weather. {I say a little prayer of 'thanks' every single day}

  4. lol- too cute. I think I would have to be pretty coy and give him a kiss and pretend to un-button to button up! I love correcting little dilemmas.


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