July 10, 2009

Once Upon A Time...A Closeted Fairytale Experience!!!

Once upon a time, there was a fair shopaholic. Her name was The Broke Socialite. She spent hour-upon-hour scouring the pages of magazines and fawning over decadent things that she knew she shouldn't buy. For the Big Bad Mr TBS, had placed a slight moratorium on spending and she was damned to watching her dollars.

On a lovely spring afternoon circa 2006, TBS stumbled upon a pair of orange seersucker wedges featured in InStyle magazine. "How can I EVER live without these?", she pondered. Almost in an instant, "I can't!", she decided. Until (there's always until) she took a gander at the price tag. {insert sticker shock here}. $180 for a pair of shoes that could only be worn after Easter and before Labor Day? "I'll take them!", she declared.

In true TBS fashion, she spent the next week searching the world wide web. After going to the end of the earth, she FINALLY found them in an 11 (her size...read: the shoe box...sounds like one of the Wicked Step-Sisters, huh?). Next? Hiding the receipt from Mr TBS....phew! He'd D.I.E. if he knew. After they arrived, TBS threatened to wear them...with sundresses, white jeans, you name it...She sported them around the house and they never saw the light of day because she could never find juuuuuuuuussssssttttt the right thing to pair them with.

So...they ended up on eBay. Not a one fashionista bid on the FAB wedges. Lemmings!!!

Patina having worn off, TBS placed the wedges in the abyss of her shoe collection and they were hardly thought of again. Until (there's always until)...this morning! With just the right white trouser jeans and adorable fitted top (from Wal-Mart...but you'd never know it), the wedges made a comeback! Who knew that shopping the closet this morning would yield such a wonderful ensemble? With a more mature "eye", I can now see them with more possibilities! They're going to be fab with a white fitted jacket, khaki capris and a monogrammed tank! I can't wait!

Today's lesson (isn't there always a moral to a fairy tale?): Before spending a dime this weekend (should you intend to shop), take a pass through your wardrobe. You might be surprised what you'll find! What a great way to save money and time? I'd much rather be basking in the sun than sloughing up and down the aisles of retail stores!

Have YOU shopped your closet recently? Any good finds?


  1. Man I think I need to go shopping in your closet. Anybody's closet will do actually. My closet has nothing.

  2. Love your blog, I've been lurking for a while. The shoes are adorable! Ok but I am mad because you did not post the outfit.


  3. Please tell me where you find fashionable size 11 shoes? It is such a battle .. added to the fact that I am in Australia!


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