July 28, 2009

The Minimalist Does It Agains: 101 Salad Recipes

Who wants to eat loads of heavy food in the heat of the summer? Certainly not I. Mr TBS stumbled upon one of The Minimalist's latest musings, '101 Simple Salads For The Seasons', over the weekend in The New York Times. 101 salads? The boredom of just regular old greens are over! Whether preparing a variety of these salads for yourself or a soiree, this list of recipes should be eternally filed in your recipe boxes.

What's YOUR favorite salad?


  1. I like the one that I make. I go to Costco and get a rotissere chicken cut it up and make the salad from there. I love the mixed spring salad and green, red and yellow peppers. Toasted almonds and croutons with tomatoes and cucs. I think that's everything I put in it. It's a meal right there and so easy to eat. Where have you been, haven't seen you tweetin.

  2. Girl...you know I picked out 6 of these recipes when I saw the article. FAB.U.LOUS!

  3. Salads are my favorite. Made a really yummy one today with mixed field greens, goat cheese, cut figs and avocado. The key to a good salad is a homeade dressing: grape seed oil, part olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and dijon mustard..
    Hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer.

  4. Oooh, thanks for the link. I've been on a healthy kick since April but i've recently fallen off due to being bored with fruits and veggies. This is just what I needed.


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