June 1, 2009

Modern Manners Monday: What Would You Do?

Happy Monday to you all!

I hope that your weekend was delightful. TBS is working on a couple of projects and I can't wait to share them with everyone soon.

Today's MMM has surely happened to everyone. I can attest that I am a magnet for this scenario and am almost always stumped about how to handle it. I'm eager to hear what you think!

You're sitting in the waiting room of your doctor's office. As always, you're minding your own business, right? The waiting room is fairly full and seating is becoming a bit cramped. A nice lady walks up and asks if she might sit in the chair where your fabulous purse is resting. "Of couuurrrrsseee", you say. You pick up your bag and she sits down. Whilst you wait, you are currently enjoying the latest copy of Real Simple magazine. Before you know it, 'the lady' sitting next to you is looking at the magazine WITH you. As you turn each page, she's right there with you. You even hear her mumble a "Hmmm." in response to one of the feature sections.

What do you do? Allow the lady to continue to read the magazine "with" you? Or do you say something? Has this ever happened to you?


  1. Weird, that's never happened to me. I've had people ask me what publication I was reading. I've even had people ask me if they could see it when I was done. But I don't think I've ever had someone read over my shoulder. In fact, I teach my children that behavior is rude. I think I would gently say to her while smiling, "I'm almost finished, would you like to see this when I'm done?" Gentle, yet direct. You can say anything you want to people when you say it with "love".....smiling.

  2. Hmmmm...

    Well if I'm reading a magazine, since I have germ issues, it's my magazine that I brought with me so I'd put it in my bag and plug up to my iPod.

  3. I've never had that scenario happen to me. However, I hate when people strike up a conversation with my while I'm reading. I hate that.

  4. Oh yes that has happened to me and I'm LOL at this post it's great! Now hold on to your seat, because I think I've been that sharing the article lady! I've looked over at something someone else was reading and I don't even think I noticed I was leaning:) I say give up the mag and give it to her (secretly that was all I wanted:) and get something else to read! She is not going to leave you alone!!!

  5. It HAS happened to me. In the past I've sucked it up. Even going as far as to not turn the pages so fast...weird way of me not wanting to be rude all the while complaining in my head.

  6. This has happened to me before and I ended up striking up a conversation with the lady. I don't particularly like it when people read over my shoulder but like kellyinaday I tend to just suck it up, and pray the nurse calls my name soon.

  7. Back up off me! Just kidding. Hmmm. I probably would start flipping through the mag quickly hoping that would make her sit back. Am I rude? That sounded rude. Oh dear.

  8. First, i'll admit it is terribly rude to read over someone's shoulder, and initial irritation at that person is natural.

    But...instead of hating the situation, why not make the best out of it? You're both clearly interested in the same things (at least whatever you're both reading about), so why not have a wonderful time and strike up an intellectual conversation with this person who shares your interest in that magazine article? Time in waiting rooms, i've noticed, flies like you wouldn't believe when you get interested in the people around you, instead of remaining absorbed in yourself and your own interests. People are absolutely worth the time and energy, if you give them a chance.

    And if you're just exhausted and really needing time to yourself (which is also normal), just hand her the magazine with a smile, lean back and close your eyes.

    i'd like to point out that most people i've engaged in a very interesting conversation with, i've soon forgotten their faces and names. But i almost always learn something, and one time met one of my closest friends this way: She was a new mother, terrified about a complication as we waited in the OB-GYN's office, while i was expecting my fourth and was able to relieve many of her fears. We ended up delivering on the same day and spending the nights in each others' hospital room with our new babies. A year later, she's one of my closest friends.

    Consider reaching outside yourself next time it happens. :)

    With kindest regards,

    Vicki H.

  9. @Vicki H. - how wonderfully insightful! Thanks for your feedback and the challenge.

  10. Hah! I would just say- "Here you go Maam" if I didnt purchase the magazine and it was the property of the office. I dont get mad at people for small things like that. Ha ha ha -Such a great Blog here-I love it

  11. This used to happen all the time when the NYC Subway was my favorite mode of transportation. Some days, I sucked it up and even waited for the "crasher" to catch up before turning the page. Great blog, btw!


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