June 3, 2009

Are You Trifle-ING?: A Kitchen Essential

I found myself in a local Pier One Imports recently (and only because they're going out of business and everything in the store is at least 20% off) and came upon a kitchen staple - a glass trifle bowl. If you don't have one in your pantry, you should certainly consider the investment. What I've found is they aren't expensive at all! The one that I spotted on Pier One's shelves was $10 minus the 20% discount. At $8, you owe it to yourself to own one.

I've had my trifle bowl for nearly as long as I've been married (approaching 9 years). It's always come in handy for whipping up a last minute berry-centric dessert. Fresh berries, custard, lady fingers, a fancy liqueur cordial...throw some flour on your brow and you'll win rave reviews! If you find juuuuussstttt the right recipe, you'll also realize how inexpensive trifled desserts are.

Some recipes to get you started my dears:

Are YOU trifle-ING? Have you a trifle bowl in your pantry? Any recipes to mention or share?


  1. Yes ma'am pressed ham. I've had it forever and sometimes use it to create centerpieces too. Me likey mucho!

  2. This makes me want to run out to my nearest Pier One and see if I can find one. I am always looking for new items for the house, especially when it come to entertaining. All of my summer trays and dishes came from there last year!

  3. P and P,
    You DEFINITELY should. They are also great for layered salads.

  4. I have one and love it. I had no idea that's what it is called. Shh, don't tell anyone.

    Winks & Smiles,

  5. I love my trifle bowl. One of our favorite recipes is to layer chocolate brownies, chocolate pudding, and cool whip. It's super quick and easy to make and tastes great!

  6. No but 8 bucks is in my price range LOL. Love your blog, come visit us http://urbanfrugalchic.com


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