May 11, 2009

Modern Manners Monday: What Would You Do?

Good morning, Lovelies!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was just as I designed it: very restful.

While I was away, I enjoyed several group dinners and there's been a little something bugging me for a while:

When enjoying a toast, what is the correct approach to participation? So I did a bit of digging and here's what I've found...

Clinking of glasses after a toast can be done in a variety of manners depending on the country, culture, and level of formality. In some countries, to show respect to someone, you would hold your glass lower when about to clink. In other countries, clinking of glasses is not done. In certain cultures, everyone clinks together in the center of the table.Basically, in the United States, glasses are clinked at weddings, parties, and casual dinners.

Phew! I've not broken any social rules.

Do you 'clink' or not? Any particular reason for how you enjoy a toast?


  1. I clink whoever is near me. I do not go out of my way to clink. I give a phantom clink to those out of reach.

  2. Um, well I clink, because everyone else is clinking:) I love the phantom clink Babs:) How interesting your post is I would never even thought about this I love it!!!!

  3. I hate clinking because there's always that one person who tries to clink everyone, so they end up delaying my drink! I'd prefer one 'phantom' clink towards the center only.

    (I must say, I've been to about 4 dinners & happy hours with people from work this past week, so my irritation is due to that, '1 person who tries to clink everyone' was also at every dinner and happy hour I attended this past week. ;) lol!)

  4. I hate clinking. I'm just tall enough to lift my glass beyond the reach of most of the simpletons.


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