April 13, 2009

Honestly, Go Out And Grab Honest Tea!

A couple of months ago as I was reading over some coverage of President Obama, the author of one of the articles was careful to point out that Mr President has become a fan of a beverage called, Honest Tea.

Not to be outdone by the Obama's pantry, I began my hunt. Whenever I'd go to the market, I'd scan the shelves for this seemingly refreshing libation. It wasn't by the regular bottled teas such as Snapple, I couldn't find it near the water nor was it in the soft drinks section.

When I'd nearly given up (and purchasing some Terra Chips), I found the tea in the Organic Foods section. My heart jumped and I scooped up an assortment of flavors for a self-imposed taste test.

Low in calories and sugar AND high in antioxidants, I LOVE these teas. Mr TBS and I tried the Black Forest Berry, Mango Acai White Tea, and Peach Oo-la-long. Naturally sweetened and oh-so refreshing, we are hooked. They run about $1.70 each at Kroger but I thought it would be more reasonable to purchase by the case, but the shipping would be approximately $13.00....ummmm, no thank you. I'll configure my own case in the grocery store and spend, perhaps, an additional dollar. I'm trying not to get carried away ('cause H20 it ain't), but it certainly beats soft drinks AND their are decaf options (YAY!).

'Tis organic and a little more expensive but I think this will be a permanent fixture in the TBS pantry.

Do you shop organically? Why or why not?
Photo credit: Organic By The Case


  1. Yes. Because I like looking as I do and I don't want to age with lots of health problems.

  2. Love Love LOVE Honest Tea!!!! They NEVER have the Citrus Green Tea at my local grocer. I used to work near a Honest TEA store in downtown DC.

    I'm buying more and more organic. I try to add an item or two each visit.

  3. I wrote an article on organic eating that will be out in the next month or two. It scared the bajeezies out of me! I'm trying to do as much organic as I can, because most of the conventional food we eat ... well, you don't want to know!

    Winks & Smiles,

  4. @CreoleInDC: my grandmother lived 95 years and I contend it was because she was SO committed to eating organically. Very Good point.

    @Wifey and Mia: I love the step-wise approach to going organic.

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