April 3, 2009

From My High-Falutin' Cousin, Social Butterfly: A Cocktail Query

If you haven't gotten to know her by now, you absolutely should. My high-falutin' blogosphere cousin, Social Butterfly, of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution riddled me with the following question. Since some of the most resourceful Broke Socialites I know cross over this virtual threshold, I, too wonder how you're managing.

Happy cocktail hour, Broke Socialite!

I'm interested in your expert opinion: in these trying times, does the FAB (flat-ah, broke) set indulge in fewer premium libations or more, less expensive concoctions? I think the days of knocking back round after round of $15 theme-tinis is probably over. Surely we're not all doomed to slamming PBR out of the bottle, however. Does the Broke Socialite recommend ratcheting down in quality or quantity?



Mr TBS and I continue to enjoy premium libations with our friends. What is our secret? We mix them at home. We are actually nesting more these days; thus, bar-hopping and dining out less. We can entertain a few couples and serve grilled steaks (about $50 including sides and a stop at Sam's butcher) and a couple of rounds of fresh margaritas with a better tequila (think Cuervo) for $15. Any place else in town, we'd be presented with a $300 + check!

Another consideration (and if you MUST drink while you're out): when meeting girlfriends for cocktails about town, we try to choose spots that have drink specials. For example, my neighborhood bar at JCT Kitchen serves premium-ish cocktails for $5 each on Thursday nights. I limit myself to a couple and still have enough in my budget for tapas!
Orrrrrrrr...this will be an option in about a month (and hopefully in time for Cinco de Mayo). Talk about convenience and budget-friendliness! It definitely seems like it will beat those 'buckets' (HATE those!).

Are YOU making adjustments to how you consume cocktails these days?


  1. Actually I guess I would if I went out more but Robby and I have always been the couple that only has a glass of wine each while out and about because of driving.

    When we're on vacation and having dinner on property however, we get a bottle since we're not driving.

  2. Husband and I bring our party home, too! We drop by one of our favorite spots, Total Wine, and pick up a new beer or wine that we've never tried and toast to the weekend. The downside, I have to cook. Damn.

    Winks & Smiles,

  3. Home Happy Hour is where it is at! I complained about prices of drinks out before the economy hit the tanker. When we do go out I typically limit my consumption to one cocktail, then its water or fruit juice.


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