April 24, 2009

Beach Totes on A Shoestring Budget!

Come hell or high-water, I am going to the beach this summer. (Pun definitely intended). There. I said it.

When? Not sure. With whom? Don't know that either...it may be a 'Girlfriend' trip or a family jaunt... but I long to bask in the sun on a beach with a sunscreen (can't forget it), my favorite playlists, a few trashy magazines/books, a dramatic sun hat and oversized sunglasses.

(Yeah, yeah, yeah...I will definitely need a bathing suit but we'll talk about that soon, too.)

As much as I love shoes, I adore bags. Big bags! Beach bags! If I could carry a beach tote as a handbag, I probably would. Nevertheless, I've been searching for the perfect one. I will not be unprepared.

Monogrammed tote from Ballard Designs...LOVE it!

Batik print beach tote from Target

Madras Tote from J Crew

What's usually in YOUR beach tote?


  1. I love the beach and i am a pro at stocking my beach bag. Must haves: Vogue, O magazine, Self, Food & Wine, Essence, Allure and a few trashy gossip mags, Huge bottle of water, zip lock bag with wipes, sunscreen, a big juicy book, ziplock bag of frozen grapes, ipod, beach towel, cell phone, i think i am ready to go now!

  2. Ok so I'm not close to the beach but we do have a local aquatic family center..I'll take water where I can get it. Bring on the bathing suite recommendations cause Mommy has definitely been in the gym trying to bring the sexy back from Mr. Emory. The bag from Tar-jay is tre cute! I'll fill it with bottled water, snacks for the kids, and the latest issue of Maxim...wink!

  3. I want the Felix Rey coral print canvas beach bag with gold trim from Target! It's not available online, though!


  4. Ooh, cute totes! My beach bag is usually full of junk ... and sand! LOL. Can't wait to use it this year.

    Winks & Smiles,

  5. I searched for the perfect bag for 2 yrs and finally found it last yr: Lands' End Uniform Lighhouse Zip Top Tote. It is perfect for me! It's big enough to hold everything: towels, sunscreen, mags/books, snacks/water, beach games, and the dog's toys too! Plus, it is waterproof. The only thing that fell short was the size/color of the monogram, I suggest getting that done by your fav local shop instead.

  6. My beach tote is the traditional monogrammed boat n' tote bag. I'm like Kimmie and keep EVERYTHING in it!


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