March 17, 2009


I've rarely met a girl who didn't appreciate a darling consignment store! TBS is happy to share one of the latest that I've discovered on the web! EmphaticNYC carries everything from Chanel to Zac Posen at a fraction of the retail price. What's wonderful is that you can surf their inventory from the comfort of your abode (or work...but you don't shop on-line at work, right? Of course noooooottttttt!)

Share this link with all of your friends who like high brow goodies at lower prices! Who knows what you'll stumble upon?
Do you shop at consignment stores?

1 comment:

  1. I used to shop consignment AND thrift when I lived in NYC. Upper East Side is the mecca and includes several charity hot spots: Sloan- Kettering Thrift Shop, Spence-Chapin Thrift Shop, etc. Thrift may not be sexy sounding, but I've seen Chanel bags, etc. in the windows. My friend Mary (a fashion insider) scores something fabulous almost every time she goes!


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