March 17, 2009

Forget Girl Scout Cookies...I Want These!

I'd say that I've been a cookie snob for most of my adult life. Oreos, Samoas, White Chocolate Macadamian have all been...well...just...meh! The other day, I was surfing around on Etsy and I came upon a bakery called whimsyandspice.

I're speechless. Pull yourself together. The same thing happened to me.

Oh, these mouthwatering flavors: Honey Lavender Shortbread, Coconut Five Spice White Chocolate....oooooh. And who writes these descriptions?!

I have ordered the Coconut Five Spice White Chocolate cookies and shall let you know how they taste. They could possibly make a great gift! Stay tuned for the review!
Oh,yeah...beat it, Girl Scouts.
What's your favorite cookie?

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