March 18, 2009

Are You A Maxi Dress Snob?

Even if you aren't, I've enough disdain for cheaply constructed versions of the long sundress to go around.

A couple of nights ago, some Facebook friends and I spent a great deal of time being appalled at Old Navy's Marketing Team's mis-step: calling the maxi-dress none other than a 'Town Gown'. I am still disturbed.

What I have realized is this: if you're too short (under 5'2") or too tall (over 5'8"); get yourself to the nearest tailor. It will likely be challenging to find the right fit. If I had $450 to blow, I'd certainly buy the dress pictured above. Isn't it so very "me"?

I thought I'd highlight some beautiful maxi dresses because I'm so looking forward to wearing one when the weather is warmer!


Do you wear maxi dresses?


  1. I'm 5'6 and have 2 maxi dresses. I actually think I am on the borderline for wearing them. I think they look great on taller women, when the fit is right and the length is proper.

  2. I saw that and I thought "watindawhurl" It was the funniest thing to me..however I could see how you were!

  3. I think I'll make a couple for this Summer. I have seen very few that are long enough for my 5'9" frame.

  4. I love maxi dresses! I am 5'5 1/2 lol and I I have already cut out a couple for this summer!

  5. That dress is so adorable! Love the colors. Funny thing I know the model in the pic too. She models for Ashley Stewart and when I interviewed Jill Scott(on you can see her in the footage she is so pretty and very nice.

  6. @Tami: Why am I not surprised?!

    @Adrienne and Erica: Where do I send my fabric?

    @Fergie: Should you see any ultra-tall dresses whilst you're shopping, hit me up. Remember: I'm six feet tall! and wear at least 3 inch heels! :-)

  7. I weighed in on your FB page but still giving you some comment love here!! Down with Town Gown!!

  8. Yes ma'am and I have three new ones ready for the season to start. Me likey big time!

  9. the longest and best for any one that wears over a size 12 or is over a 5 foot 9 is a Rachel Rally. they are so comfortable and so gorgeous and so beautiful. you could even wear it to your birthday. so beatiful. You could buy it at nordstrom.


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