February 13, 2009

What Am I Stalking This Week? Dresses

If I am nothing else, I am a girly girl. I love pink (obviously), diamonds, pearls, champagne and dresses! I have really been minding my budget better these days and haven't bought clothes lately. Just when I thought I was being disciplined, the unseasonably warm weather has me thinking about beautiful dresses. Next to loving dresses, I ADORE a collar with drama; so you can imagine why I've fallen in love with the designs above.
The first dress is from Lane Bryant and $99. Since I get their remarkable coupons usually for 25-40% off, I'm certain I'll pick it up when Lane Bryant has a sale.
The second one is from eBay. It's a Donna Ricco and is listed for $30. Hmmmmm...not sure if I can live without it.
What are you pining away for these days? Anything caught your eye lately?


  1. Great choices! The second dress is on my "to sew" list. http://www.butterick.com/item/B5320.htm??tab=list/whats_new&page=all

  2. Love the first dress. Classic, fun! Very similar to a Milly cocktail dress I coveted for over a year. You need to get it.

  3. I might have to cut you over that LB dress. They are trying to come up, I see!


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