January 11, 2009

Today's eBay Obsessions: Jesus, Please Take The Wheel?

These boots are brand new and while I know that I said that I now have every configuration of boots ever made...I do...except a tall, leather brown rugged pair. Help. Me. Please. Right now bidding is at $19.99 and ends tonight at 11 PM. Only one bidder at the time of this post. Do you feel a smackdown coming on?

Ummm...words are probably not necessary. Because Mr TBS comes over here sometimes (and this surely would not be an approved indulgence), I shall not go into the retail details of these mother-of-pearl logo-ed, Chanel sunglasses. I need these. If I do not have them, my retina will surely burn to a crisp this summer. Bidding ends in 10 hours from the time of this post and 10 LOSERS are engaged and have raised the stakes to $150. We'll see. It might not be my time for these right now but they are definitely on my list! Note to Mr TBS: Will have before Spring. Stop your bellyaching! I could be spending our money on crack.

My name is TBS and I have problems. I'm watching Gucci loafers for tomorrow. *hangs head in shame*



  1. I LURRRVVEEE the boots! GET IT GIRL!

  2. The boots are gorgeous, though I think eBay shoppers are getting more savvy and waiting to bid up til the last minute. So figure out your top price and stick to it!

    I'm about to commit fashion blasphemy, but I just don't get spending tons for a logo, even Chanel. Then again, i also don't like oversized sunglasses. Also, I lose sunglasses with alarming rapidity. (My personal record for sunglasses-longevity is one year. I've actually had them for two, but one of those years was mainly spent lost at my in-laws' house and I only recently got them back.) So perhaps I'm just jaded.

  3. I love the boots! Get them!...and for only $20, that's a STEAL!

  4. The boots are amazing!

  5. "Stop your bellyaching! I could be spending our money on crack."

    Waiting on the day when I can say that to my future hubby lol

    I have to cosign with Abby. I lose sunglasses like it's the thing to do (went through 5 pair this summer alone), so I stick with $20 or less lol


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