January 5, 2009

TBS Scores At Banana Republic!

Only the good Lord knows how much I love a great pair of boots. I was at the mall minding my own business when a magnetic force pulled me into Banana Republic. Since BR doesn't offer much for us plus-sized girls, I began to peruse the accessories and shoes. Well, wonder of wonders! I found these boots in my exact size sulking in a corner. A return from the internet (per my fab sales associate...I had to slip her my card should she need to tip me off about future sales), these boots were originally $400 and had been marked down to $129! Oh, no...it doesn't stop there...the entire store was 20% off. So for $100 and some change, these beauties are mine! The 3.5 inch heel may appear painful but the 2 inch platform definitely offsets the notion of any discomfort. And the detail! Lovely huh?
There are still some great shoe bargains over there. You might want to pop in!
This is another community service announcement from TBS!


  1. Girl...you REALLY scored! GO TBS!!!!! That's one sessy boot!

  2. Wow, those are definitely great. We're on a tight budget so I can't even rationalize $100, but if I could -- hooo boy, mama would have a new set of boots!

    I've heard BR has terrific sales. Just reminds me to pop in next time I'm downtown and see if I can nab anything.

  3. Congrats TBS those boots are FAB!

  4. Those boots are nice! That was a great steal.


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